Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 08:00

(TNS) — The inventory of woes from last week’s PG&E’s power shutdown across Northern and Central California continues to come in:

Students at UC Berkeley worrying that the intentional outage may have resulted in the loss of two years of research into fighting drug-resistant forms of cancer. Businesses that lost income from the cutoff even as PG&E’s website crash sowed widespread confusion and chaos. Reports of vehicle collisions at intersections where the power to traffic lights had been cut. And scores of elderly people and others whose lives are dependent on electricity living through desperate hours of wondering how they’d manage to get by until power was restored.

The unprecedented shutdown — which PG&E conducted in an effort to prevent its equipment from sparking wildfires during last week’s high winds and dry conditions — meant the loss of power to hundreds of thousands of residents and an economic hit to the region that, according to some estimates, ran into billions of dollars.

During the shutdown and in its aftermath, residents across large swaths of the Bay Area and beyond lashed out against the utility for what many saw as an over-reaction of immense and even frightening proportion. Here’s some of the fallout from last week’s drama, and a look forward to what’s next for PG&E and your power.

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