Identity theft takes the sparkle off of the holiday shopping season says new study

From Property Casualty 360
November 21, 2017

When it comes to shopping at retailers that have suffered a data breach, 75% of Americans say they would be more skeptical about shopping there during the holidays according to a new survey from Generali Global Assistance (GGA).

While 91% of Americans expect to engage in some form of holiday shopping, the majority don’t believe that retailers can adequately protect their personal information.

Father And Son in California Sentenced in $400K Workers’ Comp Scheme

From Insurance Journal
November 20, 2017

Jaime Rosario Del Real, 61, and son Israel Del Real, 37, have both pleaded guilty to four felony counts for their role in a $400,000 insurance fraud scheme denying workers’ compensation insurance and medical care for injured workers.

The father and son were sentenced to 250 days in jail, 10 years of felony probation and ordered to pay $382,951 in restitution. This case was prosecuted by the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office.

Keeping Parades and Events Safe for Businesses and Employees

From Risk Management Monitor
November 16, 2017

Holiday parades will be marching down many U.S. city streets during the next six weeks, with millions of revelers expected to attend. And while these are historically joyous occasions, safety is a top concern for businesses located near the festivities—especially considering the high-profile violence that has recently dominated headlines. Rezwan Ali, risk solutions group head of security at Falck Global Assistance, which advises companies about security, safety and travel risks, spoke about the challenges and best practices faced by businesses and employees located near parade routes.

New Law Changes Contract Requirements for Design Professionals

Existing law provides, with respect to contracts and amendments to contracts entered into on or after January 1, 2011, with a public agency, as defined, for design professional services, that all provisions, clauses, covenants, and agreements contained in, collateral to, or affecting these contracts or amendments to contracts that purport to require the design professional to defend the public agency under an indemnity agreement, including the duty and the cost to defend, are unenforceable, except for claims that arise out of, pertain to, or relate to the negligence, recklessness, or willful misconduct of the design professional. Existing law provides that all contracts and all solicitation documents between a public agency and a design professional are deemed to incorporate these provisions by reference.

PARMA Member Resources

Reminder:  The PARMA website currently includes a Member Resources page.  Currently, this section of the website contains the contact information of members who have volunteered to make themselves available as a resource for various topic areas such as risk management, workers’ compensation, insurance, human resources, etc.  PARMA members can look forward to the website being expanded to include shared documents and archived webinars for on-demand learning. 

Risk Management Loses Two Great People

In Memory of Susan Eldridge
It's with a heavy heart that PARMA says goodbye to a dear member of our organization.  Susan Eldridge passed away on Saturday, June 3.  No services have been announced.
PARMA recently announced the renaming of its Annual Conference Scholarship to the Susan Eldridge PARMA Conference Scholarship.  Susan is a life member of PARMA who has been a strong advocate for education and PARMA's roll in providing affordable quality educational opportunities to the risk management profession.  Susan also served on the PARMA Board of Directors from 2000 - February 2017 and served multiple terms as our Secretary / Treasurer.