Ventura County Schools Self-Funding Authority
Workers' Compensation Claims Administration, Managed Care Services, & Property and Liability Claims Administration RFQ

Coni Hernandez, Principal, Hernandez Consulting Services
Listing Date: 11/02/2018
Archive Date: 12/1/2018

Attached please find the Request for Quotations (RFQ) issued by the Ventura County Schools Self-Funding Authority. 

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ProNova Partners
Expand or Sell in 90 Days!

Name: Rick Carlson
Date: 10/13/2018
Listing Date: 11/17/2018
Archive Date: 12/18/2018

ProNova Partners specializes in selling all kinds of companies, be it property management companies, for-profit associations, financial services, manufacturing, wholesale/distribution, software, or retail businesses large AND small.  You can see all of our inventory worldwide here:  We want to be on your radar & become your go-to resource for all things M&A - sell-side OR buy-side, whatever is clever.  We provide comprehensive industry specific IBIS World market research, benchmark {current} valuation services for CEO's/Owners and offer strategic guidance to sell-side clients to bolster valuation for any future exit completely free of charge!

Family business owners & shareholders have too much of their wealth trapped in their business, and with the current political, macroeconomic & trade instabilities there could quite possibly be no better time to evaluate the sale of their Company.  Interest rates will continually rise for the foreseeable future, if Trump loses, the Dems will jack up tax rates slashing your take-home proceeds, all of which means imminent depressed valuations compared to today's frothy Seller market.  Don't be the Owner forced to sell, or competing against the rest of the riff raff on the market during the Seller Tsunami that will occur in 2021+.  

On the buy-side we are relentlessly aggressive marketers & wanted to touch base with you to see if you want to offer value added services to your clients/membership to help them expand via acquisition.  We can source off-market transactions across any vertical, and have a proprietary roll-up strategy we've coined Mini-PEG (Mini-Private Equity Group) Advisory.

This is ONLY for the most aggressive entrepreneurs out there that want to do a massive roll-up within their industry and grow their existing valuation multiples and future exit by closing 2-6 transactions per year over the next 2-5 years.  For these custom campaigns, we are retained and require clients commit to a strategic plan to execute a future exit in excess of $25MM with ProNova Partners.  The only way companies will secure an exit at 8-10x+ Adjusted Earnings is via increasing their market share & earnings power, and we deliver that and more to all of our Mini-PEG clients.  We are already working on this in the chemical distribution, VOIP, and wholesale food distribution verticals in the US & in Canada.

--  I’m ready to talk to someone, what now?  --

Please feel free to call me directly anytime, or send me an email directly to start the process.  I can be reached on my corporate line 7 days a week at (833) 776-6682 X 101. You can also start the process by sending an email to  Or book a time slot to chat anytime on my calendar,

--   What if I want to sell MY business?  --

Perfect - same as above - please reach out via one of the above methods so we can discuss the valuation of your enterprise.  

--  What are your client's magic #?  How can you offer them superior strategic and differentiating guidance?  What are your client's exit plan strategy?  How can you help them?  What's YOUR exit plan?  What are you waiting for?

ProNova Partners will help you and your clients get there today, tomorrow, or in 2023!

Authority for California Cities Excess Liability c/o Alliant Insurance Services
Liability Claims Auditor RFP

Lorissa Huey
Listing Date: 01/02/2018

Attached please find the Request for Proposal (RFP) issued by the Authority for California Cities Excess Liability (ACCEL). 

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ABAG PLAN RFP for Pool Administration Services - Questions & Responses

Jill Stallman
Listing Date: 01/23/2017
Archive Date: 01/23/2019

Description: Attached are the RFP questions received as well as responses for consideration. These should accompany PLAN's RFP for Pool Administration Services (already posted). 
Please see for the complete set of information.

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