Superior Court of California, County of Alameda

Vision Statement The Court and its employees strive to become recognized for their service excellence, dedication, integrity, impartiality, competence and diversity, as well as their commitment to ensuring equal access to court services and enhancing public confidence in the court system. Mission Statement The Court shall fairly and efficiently resolve disputes arising under the law and shall apply the law consistently, impartially, and independently to protect the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitutions of California and the United States. The employees of the Court shall strive for service excellence and, through their dedication and professionalism, implement the policies and procedures established by the judiciary and legislature. The judges and employees are committed to ensuring equal access to court services and enhancing public confidence in the court system.

Job Title: Emergency & Safety Coordinator

Apply by: Thu, 08/02/2018

City of Santa Ana

Santa Ana has a council/manager form of government that provides quality service to enhance the safety, livability and prosperity of the community. The City's philosophy focuses on customer service, teamwork, and fact-based decision making.

Job Title: Risk Manager

Apply by: Mon, 07/30/2018

Special District Risk Management Authority (SDRMA)

SDRMA provides property, liability, workers’ compensation and health benefits coverage protection and risk management services statewide exclusively for California public agencies. SDRMA’s primary objective is to serve as a single comprehensive resource providing quality coverage protection, risk management services, claims management, as well as a world-class safety and loss prevention program tailored to meet the complex needs of public agencies. SDRMA’s more than 660 members provide a wide variety of public services ranging from air quality management to wastewater collection and treatment, as well as municipal services.

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

Apply by: Mon, 07/23/2018

Association of Washington Cities

The Association of Washington Cities (AWC) is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which provides a wide array of legislative, training, and other services to all cities and towns in the State of Washington. The Risk Management Service Agency (RMSA) is a local government property and liability risk pool comprised of member cities and towns, sponsored and managed by AWC.

Job Title: RMSA Loss Prevention Coordinator

Apply by: Tue, 07/17/2018


The ACWA JPIA (JPIA) is a public entity formed in 1979 by the water agencies of the state of California. Like its members, the JPIA is a special district in the state of California. Its formation and operation are subject to the provisions of the California Government Code, including the Brown Act. It provides risk-sharing pools to meet the needs of its members for property, liability, workers' compensation, and employee benefits coverage. The JPIA is a partnership of water agencies working together to share the risks associated with purveying water. The risk-sharing pools of the JPIA are a cost-effective form of risk management available only to public entities, allowing them to bypass the high cost of commercial insurance. The coverages provided by this risk-sharing arrangement are unique to water agencies; the water agencies themselves--their directors and managers--have selected and refined these coverages. Not all water agencies are accepted in to the JPIA. Prospective members must demonstrate a commitment to effective risk management programs.

Job Title: Risk Control Advisor/Sr. Risk Control Advisor

Apply by: Mon, 07/16/2018

Athens Administrators

Since our founding in 1976, Athens Administrators has been a recognized leader in third party claims administration services. But more important than what we do is how we do it. We provide service that translates into real and lasting benefits—every single day! With four offices in California, one in New Jersey, and one Florida, Athens Administrators offers Workers’ Compensation, Property & Casualty, Managed Care and Program Business solutions. Athens is very proud to be a family-run company for over 40 years offering a caring and engaging culture and environment to employees at all levels.

Job Title: Assistant Claims Examiner

Apply by: Wed, 07/11/2018

Cal Poly Pomona - California State University, Pomona

At Cal Poly Pomona, the Institutional Risk and Emergency Management Department includes the offices of Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety and Emergency and Disaster Preparedness. The department is within the Administrative Affairs Division. The Risk Management office is charged with protecting both the human (faculty, staff, students and visitors) and the physical assets of the university. Risk Management serves in a consultative role in identifying, managing and mitigating risks to the University

Job Title: Manager, Risk Programs

Apply by: Mon, 06/25/2018