Application for PARMA Board of Directors Nomination

This form is to be used to nominate a qualified, regular PARMA member for service on the Board of Directors. Any PARMA member may make a nomination, including the nomination of him/her self. (Use additional pages as necessary.)

NOTE: Completed applications must be submitted by close of business on or before  December 1, 2023. (Incomplete applications will not be considered.)

Eligibiltiy Requirements

Only an individual permanently and directly employed by a Public Entity Member or a Life Member of PARMA are eligible to serve as a Director.   A Life Member who becomes employed by or contracted by an associate or prospective associate member will not be eligible to hold office.

A qualified candidate has served as either a chapter director or chapter officer for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years.  If there is a limited pool of qualified candidates the Nominating Committee may consider individuals who’ve demonstrated prior experience serving in a board position for another risk management association.

The Nominating Committee will consider geographic and/or chapter diversity as well as employment of candidates.  Consideration will be given to limiting the number of individuals from the same chapter or same Public Entity to no more than two (2).  Exceptions will be considered when there is a limited pool of qualified candidates. 

Nomination Criteria

The following, non-exclusive, factors will be considered by the Nomination Committee in determining the qualifications of the candidates:

  • length of employment in the risk management field;
  • candidate's statement of goals and objectives as a PARMA director (supporting PARMA's goals and objectives);
  • ability to devote necessary time and energy to duties of a Director; 
  • employer’s support of candidate's time dedicated to PARMA activities.
Name/Title of person submitting nomination: