Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 08:00

Maurice Singleton is the president of Vidsys, where he leads business initiatives for the development of innovative product enhancements, customer experience improvement, business growth and expansion into emerging markets. Vidsys provides physical and converged security information management (PSIM and CSIM) solutions whose security software platform enables organizations in a number of market verticals, including corporate, government, health care and critical infrastructure, to achieve more effective enterprise security and risk management. 

Singleton responded to a series of written questions.

Technology and data are permeating every aspect of our 21st-century society. How can organizations, both public and private, make sense of all the data/information that is being collected?

Organizations have to have an artificial-intelligence-driven solution or technology that is capable of doing the majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to gathering and analyzing data, allowing for the human workforce to focus its time and brainpower on using that analysis to make smarter business decisions.

What are the risks to organizations that are not actively pursuing solutions to data and information management?

Today, organizations are at risk of losing millions — or even billions — of dollars as a result of physical security threats, natural disasters, terrorism, cyberattacks and a host of others that could have negative impact on their brand, safety and security of employees and the public.

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